Thank You & Please Keep Voting!

Thanks to students, staff, family members, former parents, former students & Rotary friends for all of your support voting through the Adopt a School link posted to this page! There are 6 days left, please keep voting and /or donating! We are a small school and we need your help. Indigo advises that a person can only use one email address to vote, anyone voting multiple times with multiple email addresses will have their extra votes disqualified. If you are donating 12.00 for a book & plan to donate more than one book please make your book donations on different days, donations count as 10 votes per donation, i.e. if you donate one book you get ten votes, if you donate 2 books at the same time that’s still just ten votes. This clarification was just recently shared with us.

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Indigo – Adopt a School

We have just been informed that our school is selected as part of the Indigo Adopt a School Project. We are asking parents and family members to support this effort by doing the following once a day for the next 13 days.

  •  Go to
  • Select: Find a School to Support
  • Select: NL
  • Select: Bishop Abraham Elementary
  • Select: Adopt this school today

You also have the option to donate but a donation is not required to vote.

The school with the most Adopts when the contest closes is eligible to win $10,000 in books.   If you have a Facebook account, you can also log in through there.


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Picture Day Wednesday Sept. 17, 2014

Please be reminded that tomorrow is school picture day. Proofs will be returned to parents along with full information about ordering at a later date.

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Parent Memos

The September Parent Memo is being sent home on Thursday September 11. Please check your child’s school bag for the memo as it contains much important information relevant to the start of the school year.

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Parent Orientation

Parent Orientation is scheduled for Monday September 15 at 7: p.m. for parents in Kindergarten to Grade 3 and at 7:45 for parents in Grades 4 to 6. Please make every effort to attend this important information session for an overview of programming and events for your child’s current grade.

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School Lunch Program

Welcome to the 2014- 2015 school year. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the School lunch Program!

We are happy to let parents and teachers know that registration for the 2014-2015 School Lunch Program is now available on our website. Please visit [ ] to register as early as possible. Paper registration will also be sent home today (September 3rd).

The School Lunch Association requires parents to register their children, each school year, in order to participate in the program.

The first lunch service will be October 1, 2014 and menus will be available on September 10th , both online and in paper form.

In order to ensure we continue to serve hot, nutritious meals to the children partaking in our program the price of a School Lunch Meal is now $3.50. We are proud to say this is our first new price in over 12 years!

The School Lunch is proud to operate a non-stigmatizing program that provides hot, nutritious lunches to primary and elementary school children, regardless of their families ability to pay.

If you have any questions please contact me anytime,

Thanks for your help and continued cooperation,

Ken Hopkins
Executive Director
School Lunch Association
Phone: 709-754-5323 (ext 223)
Fax: 754-4520

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Our school year has had a fabulous start! Our first parent memo should be sent home next Thursday September 11. This will have important dates for school events including Parent Orientation night. School Lunch registration has been sent home and is also online. October menus will be sent home next week, please return them on time as School Lunch does not accept late returns. If you haven’t already done so please send your child’s information form back to us next week.

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